Swivel Grip Pull-Up Handles

Swivel Grip Pull-Up Handles

Swivel Grip Pull-Up Handles

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There are pull-ups, and then there are really hard pull-ups. Remove the stability of a stationary pull-up bar and grab a pair of fully articulated handles and it will feel like a completely different exercise, one that makes you feel like you have the upper body strength of a chihuahua. So, if you think you can haul your body weight into the air with the best of them, opt for these on a Pro Series cage, a Performance Series cage equipped with the optional Pro Style Top Crossmember, or a Continuum rig equipped with the Pro Style Top Member for Continuum, and find out what stabilizing muscles you haven’t been using.



Requires the 3256 Pro Style Top Crossmember for use on Performance Series Cages. All steel construction with four-way articulation and knurled grips. Secures to the frame eye bolts with a common snap link. Sold as pairs only.

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Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 2 × 5.75 × 9 in


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