Biomechanically correct action and simple changeover adjustments make this product easy and comfortable to use. Chin-ups work your back muscles, the back of your shoulders and arms. Dips work the pushing muscles in your arms, the front of your shoulders, and offer some chest involvement.


SportsArt DF-207 Dual Function Assisted Chin/Dip Machine – The DF207 Assisted Chin/Dip Machine by SportsArt Fitness is a commercial-grade strength machine with selectorized stack which targets and builds the upper body muscles. Chin-ups and pull-ups work your back muscles, the back of your shoulders and arms. Dips work the pushing muscles in your arms, the front of your shoulders, and the chest muscles. The Dual Function Series by SportsArt combines quality and value in a simple, easy-to-use strength line designed to fit any budget. Each unit is built using the highest quality materials and backed by over 38 years of excellence in fitness equipment manufacturing. The lowered stack height and compact footprint help to avoid visual clutter in smaller spaces, while adjustable seats and range-of-motion limiters ensure movements are comfortable and biomechanically correct. Premium precision steel plates incorporate sound dampeners to keep the stack motion as quiet as possible. Magnetized weight selector instantly locks into place, providing an easy-to-use and secure operation. The unique fork style delivers more stability than traditional selector pins, while the retracting cord eliminates clutter and keeps the selector within reach. Contoured and molded pads made from tear resistant marine grade upholstery provide comfort and ergonomic support for a variety of movements. The result is a durable, value-engineered line that delivers maximum results in a compact design. SportsArt Dual Function Series machines are easy to use and provide a challenging workout that accommodates users of all levels, from beginners to advanced trainers. Each Dual Function Series machine is designed to train both major and minor muscle groups while offering the variety necessary to help users reach their goals.


  • Commercial rated
  • Bolt-together 14-gauge machine welded steel frame
  • 76″ height supports limited spaces
  • Biomechanically correct action
  • Simple adjustments make machine easy to use
  • Quick-release knob on kneeling platform makes changeover easy for unassisted body weight training
  • Steps assist users of various sizes and ability
  • Angled padded pull up handles reduce wrist stress
  • 5-inch deep groove POM pulleys provide consistent cable tracking
  • Stainless steel guide rods resist rust and maintain smooth operation
  • Heavy-duty marine grade cushions
  • Multiple adjustment points for maximum customization
  • Charcoal Gray frame and Black/Gray pads
  • Assembled Dimensions: 52.6″ L x 43.7″ W x 76″ H
  • Weight stack: 220 lbs. (starting weight 11 lbs.)
  • Total Machine Weight: 474 lbs.

Commercial Warranty:

  • Frame (Coating excluded) – 10 Years
  • Weights & guide rods – 5 Years
  • Cables, belts, bearings & parts – 3 Years
  • Grips, enclosures & covers – 1 Year
  • Upholstery – 6 Months
  • Labor – 1 Year

NOTE: Not available in all markets.  Not available to medical destinations.  Please call or email before placing order.


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