Sci Fit REX – Recumbent Elliptical


REX’s smooth, natural knee movement replicates climbing stairs to improve functional gait.

  • Smooth, elliptical movement for efficient total body exercise in both directions
  • Knee-to-elbow core exercise
  • Comfortable, sturdy orthopedic footbeds with safety edge
  • Seat swivels for easy access
  • Very low starting resistance
  • Bi-directional exercise
  • Dual position handles allow muscle change on the fly
  • Foot straps included on REX7001


Sci Fit REX – Recumbent Elliptical


The Sci Fit REX – Recumbent Elliptical offers a total body movement Smooth, elliptical motion for efficient total body exercise in both directions Optimized torso rotation Knee-to-elbow motion provides core muscle recruitment Smooth, natural knee movement Replicates climbing stairs to help improve functional gait Dependent movement Allows individuals to use strong limbs to drive weaker limbs through the range of motion Oversized foot beds With safety edge for comfort and stability Dual position handles Provide multiple hand positions and allow muscle change on the fly Standard seat Seat adjusts forward/back Easy to transport Integrated transport wheels Heart rate monitoring Telemetric (chest strap required)

Bi-directional movement and resistance Exercising in forward and reverse provides versatility, helps prolong exercise and
promotes reciprocal muscle balance
Low starting resistance 6 watts
Resistance range 191 levels of resistance – 20 levels adjustable in .1 increments
Resistance system 3 phase combination generator & eddy current brake – largest watt range in the industry
The Sci Fit REX – Recumbent Elliptical Product Specifications Order Code: REX7000-INT
7” LCD full color touch screen display Touch screen with clear, simple screens and large, readable font.
Audible beep Yes
Tactile buttons Tactile buttons in addition to touch screen
Resistance levels 191 levels of resistance – 20 levels adjustable in .1 increments
Display feedback Time, level, distance, METs, heart rate, calories, RPM, watts
One touch quick start Yes
Control METs – Constant Work Program Set constant METs level and the workload remains constant throughout the program.
Iso-Strength Program Isokinetic program for safe, accommodating resistance
Power Burst 8-second burst of high intensity training
Cool down Automatic cool down begins after each exercise is completed
Administrative mode User defined settings, metric or US units of measure and other custom settings
User-defined console languages 9 languages – English, Spanish, French, German, Russian, Japanese, Chinese, Italian, Dutch
Download results to USB flash drive Plug USB flash drive into the Fit-Key® slot to save workout results in a .txt file
CSAFE port and 8-volt DC power port Yes
USB charger For phones and other electronic devices

INTELLI-FIT™ CONSOLE (cont.) Power Requirements Self-generating; low-voltage AC adapter, optional Maximum user weight capacity 350 lbs. Unit weight 299 lbs. Unit size 73” L x 28” W x 55” H Color Frame: Charcoal Cover: Charcoal Manufacturing Assembled in USA TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS REX™ Recumbent Elliptical Product Specifications (cont.) Order Code: REX7000-INT Fit-Key® software Optional Fit-Key® software makes it easy to create specialized programs and track data Entertainment options Yes

ENHANCEMENTS AC Adapter Allows the unit to be plugged in, so the console remains lit and displays data longer Foot Straps Large foot straps help keep feet securely in place Assist Gloves Designed for individuals who require help gripping the hand cranks. Made of heavy-duty closed cell foam that resists moisture. Flexible, comfortable and easy to clean. Polar Chest Strap Transmits heart rate directly to console – works on all SCIFIT products

ACCESSORIES Parts 3 years Labor 1 year WARRANTY ©Copyright 2015, SCIFIT Systems, Inc. SCIFIT, PRO2, REX, Fit-Quik, Tele-Rail and Fit-Key, are registered trademarks of SCIFIT Systems, Inc. Intelli-Fit, Bio-Flex and Prescribed for Progress are trademarks of SCIFIT Systems, Inc. Fit-Key Technology and Bio-Flex are Patented. Tele-Rail is Patented in Europe and Patent Pending in the U.S.A. SCIFIT Systems, Inc. reserves the right to change or alter specifications at any time without notice and without incurring any obligation. REX Specs – REX7000-INT – 2016 – v1 Programs Quick Start Constant Work – METs Hills Heart Fit Test & Training Manual Constant Work – Watts Fit-Quik® Power Fit Test & Training Heart Rate Iso-Strength Random Stress Test Water bottle holder, accessory tray, reading rack Integrated Personal Cooling Fan Integrated dual fans with three speeds

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