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There is a thin protective sheet of clear plastic on the overlay of the console that should be removed before use.




A) LCD DISPLAY WINDOW: Displays workout feedback, program profile, and more.
B) GO/PAUSE: Press to start, pause or resume your workout.
C) STOP: Press to stop your workout. Press and hold for 3 seconds to reset the console.
D) ENTER: Confirm each program setting. Press to change display feedback during a workout.
Press and hold to scan.
E) ARROWS: used to adjust program settings.
F) NUMBER KEYPAD: Used to enter xID login, to enter program data during program set up, and to
adjust speed/resistance level during a workout. Press checkmark to confirm the setting.
G) BACK: Go to the previous program setting.
H) WI-FI CONNECT: Press to connect your wireless internet connection. See BEFORE YOU
BEGIN section for more info.
I) PASSPORT CONNECT & SYNC: Press to connect your Passport box for Virtual Active
programming. Passport Player is sold at your Retailer or at
J) ENERGY SAVER LIGHT: Indicates if the machine is in energy saver mode. Press any key to wake
up the machine.
K) READING RACK: Holds reading material or electronic device.


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