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There is a thin protective sheet of clear plastic on the overlay of the console that should be
removed before use. The XER has a fully integrated touch screen display. All information
required for workouts is explained on-screen. Exploration of the interface is highly encouraged.





A) GO: Press to begin a quick start program.
B) PROGRAM BUTTONS: Press to select from a number of preset programs.
C) USER MENU: Select an existing User, Guest, or Add User.
D) USER SETUP: This allows you to edit User Information.
E) SETTINGS MENU: Access to Volume Controls, Bluetooth Pairing, Wi-Fi Setup, Sync Passport,
Machine defaults and more.
F) HEADPHONE JACK: Plug your headphones into the console to use them instead of the console
G) AUDIO IN: Plug your media player in to the console using the included audio adaptor cable.
H) ENERGY SAVER LIGHT: Indicates if the machine is in energy saver mode. Press a
speed/incline/resistance button to wake up the machine.
I) USB PORT: Charging devices, and software
updates (Will does not charge USB devices that draw more than 1 amp).
J) SPEAKERS: Audio plays through the speakers.
K) READING RACK: Holds reading material or electronic device.


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