SportsArt Freeweight strength products are made using the highest quality materials and manufacturing process. Each piece uses 11-gauge steel and oval-shaped tubing with robotic welds and a scratch-resistant powder coat frame.


SportsArt A966 Status Series Power Cage – The A966 Power Cage from SportsArt Fitness is a full commercial squat rack designed for heavy-duty use in any club setting for weightlifting, powerlifting, and functional training. The SportsArt A966 Power Rack has 21 height adjustment positions on both the front and rear uprights to allow quick and easy custom fitting of bar hooks and safety bar catches to the perfect height for nearly every exerciser engaged in strength training. Lower band pegs on each side allow progressive resistance band training for squats and bench press exercises. Band and strap loops on the rear cross-member as well as both front uprights provide multiple anchor points for suspension trainers, stretch straps, resistance bands, and large loop bands, and can also be used for hanging storage of bands and chains. Variable grip bar on the front cross member offers the ability to perform narrow neutral grip chin-ups as well as wider angled pronated grip pull-ups for bodyweight training.

Features and Specifications:

  • Adjustable J-hooks
  • Adjustable safety bar
  • 6 weight horns for ample weight storage
  • Variable grip pull-up bar
  • Resistance band pegs
  • Suspension trainer anchor point
Unit Weight 503.8 lbs / 229 kg
Dimensions 82.7 x 76 x 90.7 in / 210 x 193 x 230.5 cm


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