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Mike Dixon


I ordered a pretty good amount of stuff at the beginning of the pandemic understanding the demand for fitness stuff would be huge and would take a little longer to get to me. Carlos was awesome and was totally cool with me checking on the progress of the shipment. My emails were always answered promptly and professionally. When my stuff came one of the boxes was damaged during shipping and Carlos resent the rest of my order the next day. Great experience and I will definitely be ordering more from busy body in the future. No complaints at all!

Richard V Brown


I purchased a fitness machine in 2016 and then moved to Century Village where there are Olympic swimming pools and a fitness club making the machine redundant and bulky in these smaller apartments.
Carlos Vazquez, president/CEO graciously accepted the machine back on consignment which earned me much more than selling it myself online.
These are the most professional and ethical people and company anyone could ever hope to do business with. Full Five Stars
5 stars

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